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Another two died due to CoVid-19 in Sri Lanka

Another new two deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka today due to CoVid-19 virus. With these two deaths, the total number of deaths reported in Sri Lanka is now rising up to 280.

A 69 years old man and 82 years old woman have died after struggling from the Covid-19. The 69 years old man is a resident of Mount Lavinia and he was first identified as Covid-19 positive last weak Tuesday.

He was admitted to a private hospital in Colombo and then transferred to the Homagama Base Hospital identifying as a CoVid-19 infected patient in last weak Sunday.

According to the hospital reports, the cause of death was due to Covid Pnethmonia and kidney infection. He was also suffered from diabetics.

The 82 years old woman who died of CoVid-19 was transferred from Colombo National Hospital to the Homagama Base Hospital after identifying as a Covid-19 infected patient last week Saturday.

According to hospital records, the cause of her death was due to Covid Pnethmonia and kidney infection.

However, another 724 new Covid-19 infected patients have been reported yesterday in Sri Lanka. Along with that, the total number of CoVid-19 infected people found in Sri Lanka is 57598 as of 23 January 2021.

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