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Ceylon Tea Smuggle

The Police Headquarters announced that law will be enforced against for waste Ceylon Tea smugglers as its causes and damages the name of Ceylon-Tea.

According to police media spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana, five suspects have been arrested by Special Task Force in Seeduwa area along with 20,000kg of garbage tea.

The operation was conducted by Gonahena Police Special Task Force Camp.

These five suspects were captured based on the information received by the intelligence officers. In addition to these suspects a truck and a 20 foot container was taken into custody.

According to the Police Media Spoksman Ajith Rohana, these garbage tea was planning to send to Middle East countries under the brand name of Ceylon Tea.

However, further investigations are conducting by the Police Special Task Force and the Seeduwa Police on this incident.

Police has immidiatly inform this to the officials of the National Tea Board and the officials also inspected the garbage of tea consignment.

The brand name of Ceylon Tea has a good reputation across the world as the best tea in the world and such activities would destroy it.

Therefore, National Tea Board has requested not to carry out such activities from the people and also requested from the police to take the strick law actions against the suspects.

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