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The only solution for Ranjan Ramanayaka

At the parliment debate on 19th, Sri Lanka People’s Front parliment member Dilan Perera said Ranjan Ramanayaka, who was insulted the cour and sentenced to four yers in jail has only one solution now and it is none other than the presidentiol pardon.

Furthermore, Dilan Perera mentioned that Samagi Janabala Wegaya (the opposition party) is misusing Ranjan Ramanayaka for their own political benefits.

Also, the previous government (Yahapalanaya) did the same.

“I am talking about whether our country is paying attention to the law of contempt of court or not. I do not understand why we are talking about Ranjan Ramanayake’s punishment.

Furthermore, Dilan Perera said that the charge of contempt of court against Ranjan was not done during our time and it was done during the previous government (Yahapalanaya).

When we appinted mahinda Rajapaksha as a prime minister in 2018, those two judges gave the Supreme Court decision to dissolve the parliment and that time Ranjan Ramanayaka said those judges were impartial.

However, Ranjan was sentenced to four years in jail by the same judges. Therefore I believe that the court decision was given according to the low by the judges.

Dilan Perera further said that there is only one way to bring Ranjan Ramanayaka for the next parliament election and it is to request the presidential pardon.

However, current opposition leaders are not doing it and not influencing Ranjan for it.

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