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Former CID Officer SSP Shani Abesekara explained the release of two suspects who accused of Wanathawilluwa explosives.

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry for has now concluded its investigations about Easter Sunday attacks after examing 440 witnesses.

The investigations started in last year, however, the last examination was done with the former Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Officer Senior Superintendent of Police Shani Abesekara last Monday (26).

SSP Shani Abesekara testified via Skype technology to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry while at the Colombo National Hospital. Currently, SSP Shani Abesekara is undergoing treatment for heart attack at Colombo National Hospital in ward 42.

Shani Abesekara testified that there was an invisible hand behind the incident of bomb attacks and he rejected the former president Mithreepala Sirisena’s statement as Maithreepala Sirisena testified before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that he was unaware of the Saharan’s attacks on Easter Sunday.

The judge of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry asked Shani, why did you release two suspects arrested on 16 January 2019 who was accused of the Wanathawilluwa explosives on 10 April 2019. This question was raised by the judge based on the statement of DIG Ravi Senevirathna.

In response to this question, Shani said previous minister Azad Sally requested to release these two suspects during a meeting with the Secretary of Defence.

However, I told Azad Sally that until the end of the investigation they could not be released. At this time Senior DIG advised releasing these suspects by explaining the legal procedures.

Therefore, I concluded the investigations against these suspects and released them as they were not involved with the Wanathawilluwa explosive incident.

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