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I am not afraid to die – Cardinal Ranjith (Archbishop)

” I have no death fear and no one can silence me. I will always stand up and speak for the innocent people rights even if I die”, said Cardinal Malcom Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo.

Yesterday when addressing the feast of Katuwapitiya St. Sebestian Church Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said.

He also said that we cannot forget the innocent people who died and the damage for the public resources in this country from the Easter Sunday attack.

Cardinal Malcom Ranjith said that we must be flexible to accept our faults and we must also learn to say YES when we do the right thing.

Archbishop highlighted that no matter to which political party you represent, what race you belong to and what religion you belongs to, what has happened in last year has affected all of us.

During the church feast ceremony, he further said that we should try to live as one nation. Names of the people who died from the Easter Sunday attack are mentioned in the Katuwapitiya church memorial.

He said that he did not sleep the following morning because of this bombing and his faith in God.

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