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Nehara Pieris and Menaka Rajapaksha

Are you busy at home these days?

Yes. These days I spend my time with the baby. Now the baby is one and a half month old. We have reopened Nehara Dance Studio and it is conducted by dancing professionals.

How do you see 10 years of living with challenges and problems?

Menaka and I have highs and lows just like others. Our life is now fulfilled with our new baby girl. Menaka and I have a mutual understanding among each other.

As you all know we both have bitter experience in our lives with our first marriages. There were several reasons for our previous marriages to fail.

No matter what the other people or the world says, only Menaka and I know the actual reasons for failing our previous marriages.

When Menaka and I became friends and started to love each other, we promised to each other that this marriage could not be another divorce. However, a lot of people were expecting that to happen.

A lot of people slandered and told ugly stories. all right. God exists and we don’t care any of those.

At the moment I don’t have any problem with Menaka because Menaka takes care of everything, he loves me, our daughter and to the family.

However, incase If we argue about something, we immediately apologize to each other and solve it before the day end. We never go to bed fighting and getting angry.

This has not happened in the last 10 years. My life with Menaka is very beautiful and fulfilled.

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