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Ranjan Ramanayaka Arrested

Famous actor and a politician Ranjan Ramanayaka was sentenced to four years imprisonment due to deliberately insulting the court.

After coming out from the court Ranjan told the media that he had not sold drugs or stolen anything belongs to the public and he spoke on behalf of the ordinary people and ready to go into the jail without any fear.

However, Ranjan Ramanayaka is an honest fool and the opposition party used him in a wrong way. Furthermore, Ranjan could not identify the role of the actor and the politician.

Ranjan Ramanayaka’s movie Parliament Jokes and real jokes were incomprehensible.

Ranjan Ramanayaka also accused of recording phone calls, however, instead of accepting his guilt, he was trying to show it as heroism.

The revealed recordings were demeaned high-ranking Sri Lankan government, officials.

In real life, Ranjan can be described as Sherlock Holmes who caught thieves.

Criminal Investigation Department chief Shani Abesekara, an experienced detective was arrested by police due to Ranjan Ramanaya’s audio recordings.

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